Natural Healing

Whether you want to treat your back pain or transform your emotional and spiritual well-being, I provide individualized care to meet your needs.


Let acupuncture guide you to a place of deep relaxation and healing. When stress levels go down, not only can your body hear the right signals for rejuvenation, but so too is your spirit uplifted and ready to engage with clarity and peace of mind.

Natural Herbs

Natural, effective medicine without the side-effects. Herbal medicine is one of our most trusted allies to help nourish and heal. Let this time-tested approach gently regulate your system without the use of additives, synthesized chemicals, or other artificial ingredients.


Not all about the needles? Try one of the other great tools of Oriental medicine; cupping, moxa, medical qigong and tuina. These techniques can be used in conjunction with a regular acupuncture treatment as well as stand on their own.

Allow these ancient therapies to unlock your body’s healing potential!