Every Journey Is Unique

Voices of Healing with Acupuncture


I had amazing success with acupuncture to become pregnant! After 2 failed rounds of IVF I started treatments with Amy to help my body accept the next embryo transfer and it worked! I suffer from anxiety and depression and I chose to avoid antidepressants.  Acupuncture was my holistic solution to relax my body, which immediately improved my anxiety and thoughts.  Healing my body led to healing my spirit, which created this amazing life growing in my belly!  Thank you Amy for helping bring positive energy into making this miracle happen.  I will continue to use your healing touch for all the pains and joys of being a momma!

A.G. Age 38

When I first went to Amy I was not sure that she would be able to provide any relief for my back. I had experienced a severe case of shingles several years ago and it left a major internal scar tissue on my lower right back. It was painful, on occasion, but I had learned to live with it. The major issue I had with the scar tissue was that it restricted my movment far more than I realized. While this may sound "flip", it did truly affect my golf swing but I did not realize just how much...that is until Amy provided relief. Amy loosed the scar tissue and softened the skin around the entire region in my back.  I am not sure that I can technically explain it, but she got the blood flowing around that affected area again and I gained complete feeling with no discomfort or restrictions in my movement. Until that was done, I just did not truly realize just how much my movement had been restriced. Thank you, Amy

J.C. Age 82

I’ve been going to acupuncture off and on for the past few years.  I find that whenever I am able to get acupuncture, my life is improved, both my physical and mental well being. I have gone before and after surgery for helping with healing and recovery. And more on a routine basis, I greatly appreciate the release of tension after each session.  Although I have seen more than one acupuncturist in my life, I enjoy Amy because she is very tentative, calming, and has the ability to assess what is happening on multiple levels in my system.

Although I don’t have a standard “fix-it” story to my health, acupuncture is a part of my healing that is well worth my time.

The clinic itself has a nice welcoming atmosphere and the treatment room is very peaceful. If you’ve been considering going for acupuncture for either acute or chronic problems, I highly recommend giving it and Amy a try! 

D.D. Age 66